Sunday, March 6, 2011

International Giveaway: The Golden Prince by Rebecca Dean

‘If you like Philippa Gregory you’ll love this!’ Nora Roberts

Edward VIII became notorious for abandoning the throne for Mrs Simpson, but in the summer of 1911 he was a prince straight from the pages of a fairy-tale. Raised by the harsh disciplinarian King George V and his unfeeling Queen Mary, the prince longed for the warmth that had been deprived of him. The high society Houghton girls' lives however, were full of fun, both at their magnificent family seat Snowberry, and at the whirlwind of glamorous parties which punctuated their lives. When a moment of serendipity brings Edward and Lily Houghton together, the pressures of a stuffy court are replaced with the lightness that Edward has dreamt of. But a future monarch could not choose his own Queen, and even an enduring love might falter under the furious gaze of a King. Could the devotion of Edward and Lily triumph against him and the impending doom of World War I? Or would they bow to the inevitable and set in train events that could bring down the Crown, and change the course of history forever?

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  1. Ooh this sounds really good :-) I just watched The King's Speech so I'm really interested in this part of history at the moment!
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  14. This book looks great! Definitely going to be on my "to be read" list!
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  16. What a great sounding story.Thanks for the giveaway.Great review

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  19. Would love to win.I love historicals and her books are on my TBR list.

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  22. Hi I just signed up to follow, found you whilst trying to find the authors name for The Queens Bastard(I read it years ago, about 10 whilst in High School). Someone asked for the names of your Favourite books and well that and The Black Swan(Mercedes Lackey)were the two that came to mind.
    I am loving all of your reviews, great depth and you make me what to find all these other books to Read :P

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