Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 Movie: Black Death

I can't wait to watch this move! I posted it on here because I thought some may be interested in this as well since it deals with the greatly feared Black Death. This movie takes place in the 14th century and stars Sean Bean who also stars in the new HBO series A Game of Thrones.

Movie: Black Death (2011)
  • Director: Christopher Smith
  • Writer: Dario Poloni
  • Release Date: 11 March 2011
  • Country: UK/USA
  • Genre: Adventure, Drama, Horror, Mystery
  • Main cast: Eddie Redmayne, Sean Bean and Carice van Houten
Black Death’s action takes place in 1348, when the first outbreak of bubonic plague hit England – the name of the movie is the “nickname” received by the plague in those dark times. Even if the movie is based on a true event, the whole plot is fictional, but if you like medieval movies and zombies then this horror movie is right for you.

The plague hits hard and kills many, and people are starting to lose their faith. Since those were times when the church was eager to keep people under control, when rumors of a village where the plague didn’t reach and even more where people are being brought back to life spur, the church takes a stand. The main plot in Black Death surrounds Ulric (Sean Bean), a knight charged by the church to go and see if any of these rumors are true. In his journey he takes with him novice monk Osmund (Eddie Redmayne) to guide him and his mercenaries to this mysterious village. The events that occur when they reach the village and the dark secrets they discover will put Osmund’s faith to the test, and endanger their lives.
Movie trailer:


  1. OHHH! Sounds perfectly spooky and wonderful!

  2. was a great movie makes you think about who is truely the good guy and bad guy

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