Monday, November 15, 2010

5 Reasons Why I Love to Read!

1) I love the feeling of escapism while reading. I get to travel away from all my worries and responsibilities and walk in someone else’s shoes. The feeling of escaping to Tudor England or Versailles, France and experiencing what they experienced during their era. It’s exhilarating!

2) Once I finish a book I get the feeling of accomplishment; even though, once I finish I will look over at my desk and see that huge stack of homework that I’ve been neglecting.

3) There’s nothing better than walking into a huge book store or even a little used book store and seeing the endless options of books to choose from! My mom hates going to the book store with me because she says if she doesn’t keep pestering me to hurry up I would probably just camp out over night! Trust me if I could I WOULD!

4) I adore getting a new book with its nice crisp pages that have never been flipped through before. The cover is still in pristine shape never been bent or torn. Don’t get me wrong I take excellent care of my books and I never lend them out to people just for that reason, but things do happen. I have three cats and three dogs all of which are curious little creatures!

5) I just love learning new things about history! I hate reading those huge boring textbooks in school! They are so dry with no life to them what so ever. I’ve always been great in history. I even won an award for my history ability, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed those monstrous textbooks! Historical Fiction novels actually bring history alive. You really get a sense of who they were and why they chose to do what they did that made them famous.

I’m curious to know why YOU love to read! Obviously you do or you wouldn’t be here now RIGHT?

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  1. I think this post is great! I love being able to get a latte and sit in a comfy chair in a bookstore! Really, they don't want people to leave :) There is a little used bookstore near me that is full of of my favorite places !!