Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday: Author in the Spotlight

Welcome to the first Friday of Author in the Spotlight here at All Things Historical Fiction!

Today I decided to shine the light on Susan Higginbotham, author of The Traitor’s Wife, Hugh & Bess, & The Stolen Crown. I got all my information from Susan's site which I linked down at the bottom.

I must regretfully admit I have not had the pleasure of reading any of her work. The book store, in my college town does not have a wide range of books to choose from so I have to take what I can get.
Susan Higginbotham is recently new to the Historical Fiction world. Susan dabbled in different areas before she finally found her was to writing HF. Once she graduated from college she worked at different clerical and editorial jobs. Then she decided to go to law school where she worked as a solo practitioner for several years. Later down the road, Susan decided she would like a change of scenery, which led her to a legal publisher position where she is still currently working.
The story of what inspired Susan to write her first HF novel, The Traitor’s Wife, is a story I found very interesting and worth sharing. One day she came across an online version of Christopher Marlowe’s play, Edward II, which she had read some time ago. She found herself sucked into the riveting drama of Marlowe’s play and the historical background behind it. Therefore, she decided to do a little research, which led her to Eleanor de Clare. Susan was so intrigued and inspired by Eleanor de Clare’s life that she felt compelled to recreate it by writing her first novel The Traitor’s Wife. So basically Susan just fell into writing HF novels and has been hooked ever since!

Susan has a new novel due to come out January 2011 called The Queen of Last Hopes, which focuses on the story of Margaret of Anjou.
While researching the life of Susan Higginbotham, I came across some interesting facts about her. Like me, Susan has a love for animals. I counted four cats and two dogs, which sounds very similar to me with three cats and three dogs. She enjoys reading works by the classic authors: Charles Dickens & Jane Austen. She also enjoys reading a good historical fiction novel by Margaret Campbell Barnes, Sharon Penman & Jean Plaidy.

For more information about Susan Higginbotham visit her site Susan Higginbotham Site

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