Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm back on Blogger!

Ok so I know I haven't posted anything since August 15th! I've been very busy with school and I just gave up blogging for awhile. Well I just realized how much I love blogging about the wonderful novels I have been reading and also sharing my reviews. So basically I'm back and it's going to be even better than before! I apologize due to the lack of posts I currently have. I have decided to start from scratch, therefore, I have completely redone my layout and have deleted past posts. I've also noticed blogger has made some really great changes since I've been gone that I intend to take advantage of! Please be patient with me getting things added to the site. I'm a college student working on my RN degree and I haven't been writing reviews of the books I have recently read. So basically it will take some time for me to catch up. Again I apologize for my absence, but now I have to sign off because Vampire Diaries is about to start and it's my Thursday night destressor along with Grey's Anatomy!

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